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This is a new excellent free tool, freeware with a very good service to
manage your childs online experience.

I haven't had a malware infection of any significance - ever (since 1980)
but I did have twin boys who for a while (until they finally got enough
knowledge and discipline) wreaked havoc on their two machines. I've never
seen such a mess they could do to a computer. I wish such a tool as this
existed then which would have made it easier on me to better control their
behavior online as they picked up every kind of infection possible I think
at one time or another. While care4teen is new, I have tested it and it is
already an excellent tool for parents who wish to have a better method of
controlling their children's activity online. While I have listed parental
controls on BearWare before, this is by far the best of the lot - even as
new as it is.

Parental Control

Care4Teen is an intuitive software which gives parents control over, and
access to, their childrenís online activities. The program offers remote
capabilities for parents so that you can login to see what your child is
doing online even when you are at work or on vacation. Care4Teen also acts
as a blocking service in that it prevents your child from accessing
websites which you and the other Care4Teen parents have deemed
inappropriate. Once you have installed Care4teen application in your kidís
computer, you have option to watch complete online activity on that
particular computer with Care4teen online dashboard. Detailed report also
is available where parents can view exactly which domains your kids were in
and also particular URL which they have watched. Win XP/Vista/7/8. Video

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[OT]Re: Care4Teen

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    Bear, this is completely OT here, and you know it. Please try
to keep to AVs. Or at least label it OT.
    PS .. I'm still interested in your malware samples. They ARE
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Re: [OT]Re: Care4Teen

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Not in my opinion. I prefaced why I posted this here. It will help parents
keep their children's activity controlled and help prevent malware
including virus infections as well as controlling other activities.

I suppose by your standards you would agree that any post not specifically
related to a virus is OT...such as all other malware that is not a virus.

Care4Teen includes helping parents to try to prevent their children from
visiting unsafe sites. Kinda like an antivirus program or other security
tools try to do. Blocking sites and monitoring for unsafe behavior is part
and parcel.

You should know by now, that trying to netcop me will not work. I believe
this post is relevant...or I would have labeled it OT.

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