Capture "Avast! On-Access Scanner Message" log file

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Is there a way to capture the log of the files Avast! on-access scans?

Based on recommendations from this newsgroup, I installed Windows XP Avast!
4.6 antivirus protection following the tutorial titled "How to Install,
Configure, and Use Avast Antivirus" located at

Never having had a virus scanning program before, I am utterly astounded at
the absolutely huge number of files being scanned (hundreds) especially for
the first ten or fifteen minutes after a reboot, as witnessed by the
incessant activity reported in the ephemeral "Avast! On-Access Scanner
Message" window at the bottom of my WinXP desktop.

It seems nearly my entire program files and windows XP hierarchy is being
scanned by the on-access scanner despite the fact that I'm not calling
these programs at any time (and they are not part of the startup either). I
have absolutely no idea why some of these programs appear to be accessed
(by whom, I wonder) - but I see them flash by too quickly to take a closer

Is there a way to save and view these otherwise fleeting "Avast! On-Access
Scanner Message" list of files being scanned on access?

Tony Susa

Re: Capture "Avast! On-Access Scanner Message" log file

Anthony Susa wrote:
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I think you're confused about the on-access scanner and a full system scan.
The on-access scanner is activiated when any particular file is opened or
used, but this certainly doesn't scan your whole disk.

A full system scan will look over all your files.  You may have chosen a
option to have it do a full system scan after a reboot, but this is not


Re: Capture "Avast! On-Access Scanner Message" log file

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Are you sure its not a boot up scan? If boot up scan, it is normal for many
files to be scanned as the OS comes up.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

On access scans accessed files whether you attempt the access or the OS
itself does. Maybe the OS is accessing all those files as part of the system
restore's 'file change monitoring' Some files will be accessed for icon info
while the OS's file manager tries to display them.

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