Cannot install Anti-virus programs

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Please help,

I am attempting to install Norton Anti-virus and/or McAfee Anti-virus,
however; during the installation process for either one, I seem to have the
same problem. They will begin to install the program, and approximately 3/4
of the way through, it reads: "Gathring information", however, at this point
the PC freezes, and no longer continues to download.

This happens when attempting to install either one of these two Anti-virus
software programs. Neither will complete the install.

I am running "Windows Vista Home Premium, 32 bit"

Thank you in advance for any help.

Vince P

Re: Cannot install Anti-virus programs

Vp wrote:

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My condolences.

Both of those applications say, exactly, "Gathering information"  ?

Posting the complete message may help in diagnosis.

That said, why not dump those bloated apps and try some slim, free
stuff? Also, try some anti-spyware apps, as what you describe may be a
symptom of an existing infection. Start with SuperAntiSpyware. free for home use

See this page as well:

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It might also be that you already have some other a-v program running.

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Ooh. My condolences *again*.

   -Friends don't let friends drive Vista

Re: Cannot install Anti-virus programs

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Take it as a blessing.

Try free AVG or Avast or Avira.


Re: Cannot install Anti-virus programs

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 your problem is your running "Windows Vista Home Premium"
vista is not a good Windows program.go back to XP or Windows 98
then go look at this.
The problem is Free Anti-Virus and free spy ware software does not
if your going to stop Virus's, spy ware, and Hackers you need a team
of trained computer and security experts
to completely manage your online security for you.
it save you a bunch of TIME and MONEY by not charging you enormous
fees for expert service and support and you enjoy unlimited technical
support, And your Personal Identity Theft Insurance - $25,000 policy!
and a lot more      

Re: Cannot install Anti-virus programs

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You should post to MS.public.Windows.Vista.Security at,
which should be established with MS Communities with Windows Mail. There are
people there that use both solutions. I like NOD32 myself, which installs
and runs fine on my Ultimate machine.

Oh, and if you had another AV on the machine and uninstalled it to use one
of these other AV(s), that can be trouble. In either case, post the the
Vista NG.

Re: Cannot install Anti-virus programs

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While trying to install Norton AV my laptop would just turn off after 45
minutes of the install.
At first I thought it was a buggy Norton and after much fustration switched
to AVG. Later I found out the lengthly install was working my hard drive so
hard it was overheating and causing the computer to shutdown. I found this
out when doing virus scans on my entire hard drive. If I did not put my PC
to sleep for several minutes to allow a cool down, my PC would never
complete the AV scan. The HD was 3 years old and finally died yesterday.

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