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Re: Cannot delete file "runauto.."

Sofa Slug wrote:
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Yes, I have seen the instructions you mention - that is precisely why I
stressed that I do NOT have the file 088826.exe on my system.  The
removal procedure in your reference is not applicable.

Yes, I have tried SUPERAntiSpyware in Safe Mode and no, it doesn't even
detect, let alone remove this folder. In fact it doesn't even detect my
test case piece of malware which I retain on my system as a test of the
claims from so-called anti-soy ware programs. Of the 20 or so I have
tried most turn out to be spy ware rather than anti spyware. To that
extent they are useless and their developers are, to put in plainly,
liars. So far only AVG detects my test case and is the only product
capable to cleaning up the malware left behind by other anti spy ware

I don't believe the Knoppix based approach will work, because using the
Recovery Console, giving me a command line interface, also fails.

I repeat my question: has anybody, anywhere, at any time actually had
experiencee of removing this folder?

Re: Cannot delete file "runauto.." says...
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Or the Ultimate Boot CD For Windows.

Snob? Were I a snob, I wouldn't be talking to you.

Re: Cannot delete file "runauto.."

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Try this:


"Error Deleting File or Folder - Cannot delete file: cannot read from
source file or disk"


"Error Renaming File or Folder - Cannot rename file: cannot read from
source file or disk"

Solution 1:

    * Start | Run | Cmd - Open command prompt
    * cd /<path to file or directory>/
    * dir /a /x
    * attrib -r -s -h <~short filename> (may fail)
    * rd <~short filename> /s /q

Solution 2:

    Download Unlocker - a freeware program to solve the problem of
errors when trying to rename and delete files and folders. /


Re: Cannot delete file "runauto.."

jen wrote:
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Congratulations! You get a prize for being the only person who has found
a solution to this problem. I have worked at it since July 14th almost
every day trying the advices given by others. Yours actually worked -
unlocker deleted all instances of the file immediately.

Thank you very much.

Re: Cannot delete file "runauto.."

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Happy to hear you got it sorted out.
BTW, what is the prize?
Also, would you be considerate enough to post which solution worked?
Was it the long file name that caused the file not to be found in DOS?

Re: Cannot delete file "runauto.."

Buffalo wrote:
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The prize is notoriety: it seems that they are many other so-called
'solution providers' or problems solving web-sites that have no
value-add function at all  -they merely trawl newsgroups like this and
vacuum up what nuggets they can find. Mostly the nuggets turn out to be
a well known compound of iron and sulphur. They also suck up the names
of people involved - so your name will be known. So expect the usual
spam shortly.

As I said, the solution that worked as to use the Unlocker program. I
listed the contents of the root directory on all my hard drives, right
clicked on the 'runauto..' folder and selected 'unlock' from the context
menu. Unlocker told me there were no locks in existence on the file but
offered a number of actions that it could perform, delete being one of
them. Deletion was immediate.

There was no long file name involved: both the windows command prompt
and the Recovery Console were able to display the file/folder name
'runauto..' but neither were able to do anything with it. I suspect it
was the trailing two periods which were the problem. I never thought to
type the file name within quotes: "runauto.." when trying any of the
DOS-like commands. I have no idea if this would have made a difference.

Re: Cannot delete file "runauto.."

x-eyed-bear wrote:
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Thanks for the solution. Appreciated.

Re: Cannot delete file "runauto.."

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You're very welcome.  Glad it worked for you :)


Re: Cannot delete file "runauto.."

tobiasaf had written this in response to
I think I just replied to your message about this in another forum, but
I'll post again here just in case you didn't get it.  I got this same
virus in my usb key after a trip to China and figured out how to delete
it.  There's this free program, Delete FXP Files Classic, which you can
download here:

Once you install and run it, you can enter the runauto.. folder, delete
the contents, and then delete the folder itself.  (You can't delete it all
at once with the free version, you have to do it one by one.)  Good luck!

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