Can't get wireless or ehternet internet after McAfee uninstall

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I already went to the McAfee help forum and they didn't fix the
problem. The following is my communication with them. Any input you can
give is greatly appreciated:

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 9:16 am    Post subject: Lost all internet


I have McAfee total protection. Yesterday I was having some problems
with my networking. I tried to uninstall McAfee using the add/remove
program. My plan was to uninstall McAfee, and reinstall it. I was
trying to network a Toshiba computer that previously had Norton on it.
I uninstalled the Norton with add/remove before I installed McAfee.
When I uninstalled McAfee, I discovered that I could not connect to the
Internet anymore either by the wireless card or by Ethernet. I went
into the device manager in discovered that I now that three devices
that did not work.

The first is a Bluetooth personal area network from Toshiba -MWL
filter miniport
the second is the Intel (R) Pro/1000 MT mobile connection -- MWL filter
the third is the Intel (R) Pro/wireless 2200 BG network connection --
MWL filter miniport

All three of these lists McAfee as the manufacturer. Since I bought the
download version of McAfee, I do not happy just to reinstall McAfee.
When I tried to bring set up over from another computer, I put into the
installation without access to the Internet. What should I do?


These entries should have been removed during the uninstall. The fact
that they remain indicates that the uninstall failed in some way.

Please download
from another computer and copy it to the PC having the problem.

This program should remove any remaining components of the McAfee


IF I bought the CD-ROM, do you think that would fix the problem? or
would it help if I reinstalled windows?


Reinstalling from the internet should be ok. This guarantees the latest
versions of our software. I don't think reinstalling Windows should be


I figured out that I could connect to the internet with a dial-up
account. I have been downloading my product for two hours and have
gotten about 8 messages saying "Wireless link file transfer application
has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the

After about two hours downloading, I just received a message saying
that Download Manager has encountered a problem and had to be shut
down, please try again.

I looked in the Device Manager again and still have all those problems
mentioned previously

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