Can't get rid of malware

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I have popups (seemingly not tied to the site I am visiting) and my computer
has been shutting down.  I have run MS Anti Spyware, Super Ad Blocker,
Spybot Search and Destroy, ewido, and Lavasoft Adaware.

How many programs do I have to run?  Am I running the wrong type of program.
I'm no expert on this stuff but how much do you have to know to get rid of
this stuff?

Thanks for any help!

Re: Can't get rid of malware

Download Hijack this, run it, save a copy of the log file and cut and paste
it back here to this group so that I can analyze it. Ignore anyone
especially the troll Leythos, who will tag along a nonsense post to this
message, who tells you to post it elsewhere. I need to see it not them.



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Re: Can't get rid of malware AKA pcbutts1 on 12/5/2005 in
this jewel:

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NEVER download files from anywhere unless it is from the website of the
developer,manufacturer or some entity you trust. The developers
websites ALWAYS have the most up to date files that haven't been
tampered with by some third party who is "hosting"(read Leeching or
Stealing) those files without permission.


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Re: Can't get rid of malware

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Is this not an example of trolling? A case of PKB?

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