Can only Bitdefender do this ???

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I recently installed Bitdefender Professional Pro Plus and I have that
discovered that it does an amazing thing that none of the other AV Programs
I have tried (ie. F-Secure, Kaspersky and Nod32) can do!!!

Before I installed Bitdefender, if I visited a site where you had to accept
a trojan (eg: JS.Trojan.Downloader.IstBar.A) in order to download something,
my Antivirus would just block the Trojan and let me go no further.
Therefore, I could not download what I required from the site unless I
turned of my Antivirus and accepted the Trojan.

However, using Bitdefender, it automatically blocks the Trojan; but it ALSO
allows me to download whatever I require from the site.

So, Bitdefender seems to make the site "think" that it has ALREADY infected
you with a Trojan; and therefore the site lets you carry on and download
whatever you want.

I am only a "newbie", so if someone could explain this behaviour to me (or
even tell me that I am deluding myself), then I would be very grateful.


Newbie (but trying to learn).

Re: Can only Bitdefender do this ???

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Since the anti-virus program only detects KNOWN viruses (and perhaps
attempts to catch some unknown ones using heuristics but those are
algorithms that only detect known actions exhibited by known viruses and
only by some of them), you are deliberating allowing a known site that
infects your host to do so.  Your anti-virus software might stop one
virus variation but it won't stop them all and you have chosen to
deliberately visit a site and perform an action which is known to
attempt to infect your host.  You think they won't try another variation
to get past your AV scanner?  If it is an important download, find it
somewhere else!  What is so important that you must download it from
that site?

Re: Can only Bitdefender do this ???

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Usually when you click a download link , at those sites you are
redirected to a different adress or active window.It is most likely the
firewall part of bitdefender that is blocking the active content
scripts.Nod32 doesnt have a firewall built in.A good ad/popupblocker with
active content control can stop a lot of the redirects similarly.

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