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I've been shopping around for a better alternative to using just all
freeware for security. I was running antivirus shield, windows
defender, and comodo firewall. One good thing was it didn't slow down
my performance. At least not enough that I could notice. Then I
downloaded a 30 day free trial version of CA internet security suite.
What  a mistake that was. The download took minutes...... the
installation took hours. It seemed as if it froze up the first time so
I cleaned it out and re-downloaded and tried again from scratch and it
seemed as if it froze again about 2 or 3 minutes into the installation
just like the first time, but I just let it go second time and after a
few hours it finally finished. I immediatly noticed a dramatic change
in performance. It brought my 9 month old pc to a slow crawl. I
couldn't even login to google groups to post about it till now. Today
I finaly ditched the trial and downloaded a 30 day KIS trial. So far,
so good. Next, I'm gonna try NOD32 before making my final decision.
Does nod32 offer firewall and spyware? I think I remember seeing
spyware but didn't see a complete suite offered by nod32. Well if not,
I'm leaning toward spyware doctor to complement nod32 if a complete
suite is not available. Still havent decided on a stand alone firewall
if I go with nod yet. So far Kaspersky's looking pretty good. :-)

Any input or suggestions on anything else I should try before making
my final decision are most welcome.

Windows xp sp2


80gigs HD

Athlon 1.8 gig processer

Re: CA Blues

NOD32 is a very good AV and has a small footprint and will not slow down
your machine. Kaspersky is also very good but a little more bloated.

 Your machine sounds very much like the specs for mine and I run without
any problems NOD32, Zone Alarm Pro, SpywareBlaster and Ad-Aware the free

Of course one of the main safeguards as well is to practice Safe Hex or it
doesn't matter how much security you have <g>

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Re: CA Blues

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I use this escan for antivirus-has not found much--but I sweep everyday and
it does make my machine run faster...
here is what it claims to do -for about $25 a year-when I bought the machine
the tech had it installed-one year for free--
I recommend it...
The main features and tasks eScan does for you are:
Content Security: Checks files and e-mails for restricted content. It
restricts infected files from entering the system.
E-mail Content Scanning: Checks the e-mail body for confidential data
(specified keywords, phrases, etc.), file size (you can specify that files
above a certain size should not be allowed out) and prohibited content.
Detects Viruses on-the-fly: Protects applications and Operating Systems by
detecting viruses as you download files from the Internet, browse Websites,
copy files from floppies and CD ROMs, start applications from the network or
open Microsoft Word or Excel documents.

Unparalleled Virus detection for complete protection: Offers comprehensive
protection using the world's best Anti Virus Scanning Engine.
Highly Effective Heuristic Code Analysis: eScan's heuristic algorithm is
able to detect and remove unknown viruses.
Easy to Manage And Control: Easy to manage and control with features such as
automated installation, centralized deployment, automatic downloads of
Updates and Enterprise Logging and Messaging.
Very simple and easy to use: eScan has point and click features. It
automatically updates its security policies from the Internet. This frees
you from the hassle of keeping track of latest updates.

Web Remote Administration: eScan provides a full administration via HTTP Web
Administrator. It allows you to connect to eScan Management Console remotely
through WEB.
Centralized Security Policy Management: eScan configures global security
policies for your organization and automatically refreshes servers within
the company with pre-defined security policy.
Comprehensive Object Management: eScan understands different file types,
compression formats and data streams. It looks inside the Internet traffic
and identifies complex architecture.

Fast Updates reduce download time: eScan downloads the latest Anti-Virus
Updates quickly and efficiently. Using an incremental update procedure, it
downloads only the changes in the virus pattern file. This ensures that
downloads are restricted to only fresh items and you do not upload older
Easy and Simple Virus Scanning: Scanning for viruses on your system is a
very tedious job. The built-in eScan Anti-Virus Administrator makes this a
simple point and click process. It offers you a simple step-by-step process
to detect and remove viruses from your system.

Safe e-mail Virus Scanning: E-mails that you receive in your POP3 mailbox
(Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, etc) are automatically scanned for virus.
Personal Folders that allow you to store your e-mails and other data locally
are also scanned for viruses.
Centralized Messaging Options: eScan allows System Administrators to collect
scanning and Anti Virus activity reports centrally, consolidate them and
e-mail them (via SMTP) to any e-mail ID. This helps them to keep track of
outbreaks and their source.

Automatic Central Logging: eScan clients automatically send their logs to
the eScan Server, which in turn keeps full reports of all virus incidents on
the company's network.
Extended Security Features: Self-checks of all its files makes eScan
literally tamper-proof.
An Expert On-Line Help System: eScan provides on-screen support to simplify
software installation and update procedures.
On-the-fly Disinfection: When viruses are detected, they are automatically
removed by eScan.

TCP Connections:It is inbuilt  network monitoring tool that examines TCP/IP
activity on your Windows-based systems. lists all TCP and UDP endpoints on
your PC, including the remote address (along with Domain name of the remote
address) and state of TCP connections
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