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You purchase an anti-virus program that is valid on three computers.

You install the program in three computers and then later you get a notice
of an update.

Try updating the program and it will void  the programs on all three
computers even thou you only tried to update a single computer.

Not if that is not bad enough, when you try to uninstall the program on the
updated computer and reinstall it you find the computer will never reboot.

Thanks a lot CA.

Now, I have a program that is should  be valid until mid year of 2008, but
the CA virus had voided my programs as of last week.

So what good is a program that can not be updated that is connected to all
copies of the same purchase and a problem occurs with one the program
crashes all others. A great way to waste money on a program.


Re: CA anti-virus

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I'm pretty sure that *I* (as the "you" repeatedly mentioned in your
post) did none of these actions.  Since you only know your own
experience and have not researched what has happened to a populace of
CA EzAntiVirus users, you aren't writing a book professing what has
happened to them (as referenced by "you").

I've used CA EzAntiVirus and had none of these problems, but I was
using the free version when CA was a partner to Microsoft (and the
free version only allows 1 license so I do not have the 3-computer
environment across which CA EzAntivirus was installed).  Microsoft did
that because they bought GeCad's RAV product (which has low coverage)
to include in their OneCare (whose anti-virus obviously is just as low
for coverage) because Microsoft keep spouting that security was their
primary concern but had to show *something* to back it up.  Now that
Microsoft is charging for OneCare and has their own anti-virus
product, they don't need CA as a partner to provide a freebie
anti-virus product because that interim is over.  So if you didn't pay
for CA EzAntivirus, and because the freebie version isn't available
anymore at .  If you go there now,
you can't get a 1-year free version but now can only get a 90-trial
after which you have to pay.

Did you buy CA EzAntivirus?  Or are you trying to continue using a
freebie version that expires 1-year after you download it?  If you
were using it on 3 computers then you should've been using a paid
version (3 licenses or a site license with 3 seats).  The freebie
1-year trial version was only for personal use and you were allowed
only one license.  So, since you paid for it in order to have 3 LEGAL
licenses of it, what did CA say when you called their tech support?

There were problems with CA EzAntivirus and why I got rid of it.
Coverage of viruses was okay (but never did see them make it into the
top list shown at; however, periodically the
product would become disabled (and not because of malware).  Nothing
would fix the current installed instance.  Their tech support couldn't
fix it.  The only solution found to work was to uninstall it and then
reinstall it.  I recall this occurred at about 3-month intervals (but
the timing was inconsistent so it wasn't the product was
self-terminating after some fixed interval but instead it would go
disabled at random intervals in which the *average* of those intervals
was 3 months).

Re: CA anti-virus

I purchased the product from Office Depot, for I do not usually like the
free stuff.
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Re: CA anti-virus

ABH wrote:
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That's exactly the reason I gave up on it. Sometimes I'd lose real time
protection. Other times the on-demand scan engine couldn't load and other
times the program would lose it's ability to update. The only way to fix it
was to uninstall and then reinstall. After repeated complaints to tech
support I discovered, when my subscription expired and didn't stop, that I
had been given a lifetime subscription to the program. Even a free-bee
that's this much trouble isn't worth it.

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