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After reporting a noisy line  to BT I was advised to remove the cover of
the BT box and connect to the access then revealed.     This cured the
noisy line and resulted in the resolution of difficulties with my BB
connection.   Replacing the cover after a period resulted in the
previous problems recurring.

It is apparent to me that there is a problem within the wiring of the
cover and, in a recent discussion with BT I suggested that a new BT box
should be installed.

The lady amazed me by saying that BT is responsible for the connection
revealed with the cover removed but the cover is deemed to be an
extension and not their responsibility.    Also suggested the cheapest
remedy would be found in yellow pages.   Was she "'aving a larf" -
surely BT installed the box and the cover and should replace the
defective part (if not the box as a whole).

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One common fix - installed by BT - is a new, better, cover.

I need my line checked - I have 0db SNR upstream!
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