Boot sector virus?

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Apologies if this is the wrong forum!

Recently I tried to restore the MBR on my drive and now on boot I get:

Caution: this hard disk may be infected by virus!

I have VISTA ultimate - the PC will not boot further until I press
return key after the above message.

I use Kaspersky and have not had any warnings apart from above. How do
I fix this please? The BIOS does not have a setting for virus check.

Re: Boot sector virus?

On Thu, 25 Oct 2007 19:13:09 GMT, wrote:

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How did you try to restore the MBR?
Why did you try to restore the MBR?

Is it possible you tried to restore the MBR because you had
a virus, and that you still do?

If so, don't boot that drive anymore, you'll need to boot to
another medium to keep from loading the virus.

Have you seen the directions on using Bootsector.exe?
Here's one example,
though I'm sure searching on MS' site will provide more

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Oh, LOL, I thought windows was stating this.  Disregard the
above link and just have Kaspersky update it's checksum (Or
whatever) for the MBR if possible.  At worst you might have
to uninstall and reinstall it.

Re: Boot sector virus?

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hi all, i had a similar problem now. on boot up it just says caution
this hard disk may be infected by virus. i tried checking all
connections and cables, the power supply is ok too, i tried booting
from cd/dvd with many different type of boot disks. any disk i load
and try to boot from it just says ddisk boot failure insert a system
disk and press enter. i cant even load the windows cd and i have no
floppy drive on this computer it didnt come with one. i obviously
cannot download anything to check it as i cant get past this screen
and even when i burned them to cd from home they cd will not boot
them. any ideas besides the hdd is toast? thanks!

Re: Boot sector virus?

Check this link this should help you.  It helped me and solved my
problems in no time /

I hope this will also help you solve the problem

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Re: Boot sector virus?

paparts wrote:

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Why are you replying to a thread from 2007?

Oh. You think you are on a "web forum."  Heh, it is merely a scraping of
USENET, in particular the newsgroup alt.comp.anti-virus

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