Black Background Color Scheme Program with Avair Antivir

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I use a Windows black background color scheme.

Going back to Win 3, M$ designed Windows to support such color schemes.

However, some programmers program dialog boxes to get the color of text
from the Windows default color but, rather than getting the background
color from Windows, they hard code it white, and others hard code the
text color, usually black, and then get the background color from
Windows.  With the former you get unreadable light text on a light
background and with the latter you get black on black.

Trying to use Avair Antivir, I have discovered that, mostly they hard
coded both text black and background white in their dialog boxes, but
on many, they hard coded a white background without setting black text.
 This includes the detection action box and box titles within the box.

As a result, I would say they did this just enough to make the product

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