Bitdefender Internet Security 9

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I have been using FSecure for the past year and all in all I am fairly
happy with it. But it does slow the computer down at certain times and
there are certain games it will not allow me to play online even when I
allow them in my set up. Anyway I thought I would try a few more
security suites before paying for another year and am starting with
Bitdefender. Well it does not seem to slow the computer up as much as
FSecure did and I can play all games online okay. I have also tested the
virus side of it and it seems fine. However I am not 100% sure it is
scanning my emails. In the virus tab I have scan outgoing and incoming
mails boxes ticked. However in the section beneath this, shield
statistics,  it says it has not scanned any emails even though I have
received about 30. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for my emails but also
tried Outlook with the same result. Has anyone got any ideas what the
problem could be. Thanks.


Re: Bitdefender Internet Security 9

Ian Hutchinson - 18.10.2005 17:30 :

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here the same. Sorry no idea. Best should be contacting

Please report the result.

by(e) PS
spam will be killed

Re: Bitdefender Internet Security 9

Thanks for your replies. It definately is not scanning them because I
sent myself an email with that test virus attatched and it did not pick
it up. When I did a manual scan of my mail folder it did pick it up. I
will email them to see if they have any ideas.

Re: Bitdefender Internet Security 9

On Tue, 18 Oct 2005 15:30:08 +0000 (UTC), Ian Hutchinson wrote:

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I recently upgraded from BitDefender v8 to v9 and mine is definately
scanning incoming and outgoing emails. When a new batch of emails is
received or sent, it pops up a little window in the bottom right corner of
the screen to say it is scanning them. I also use Thunderbird for email.

This evening I have received over 50 emails but the shield statistics
section only says '2 mails' for Total scanned emails.

Perhaps the count gets reset after an automatic update takes place?


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