Bitdefender 9 Pro Plus - multiuser capability?

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Hello, can anyone help with this little query please; it's driving me mad?

I'm evaluating Bitdefender 9 Pro Plus, as a possible replacement for Panda
Titanium 2006, which is giving some stability and sluggishness problems.

So far BD9 is great, apart from one niggle: I can't get the multiuser
capability to work properly (with Win XP SP2).  This is especially annoying
when it comes to the anti-spam module integrated nicely into Outlook 2000.
I would have expected that each XP user would have their own settings,
including the all-important Friends list and Spammers lists and the Bayesian
filters.  BD9's Help and FAQ info suggests that this should be separate for
each user; and I've followed the instructions for setting up - by a user
with Admin rights and rebooting afterwards - but no joy.  Grrrr!

I will ask this question of SoftWin, the vendors of BD9, but I thought I'd
ask the user community first.  So, any clues, anyone?  Any help appreciated.

PS: One thing I really like about BD9 is the firewall module, which does all
the usual things like checking activity of programs accessing the internet,
but also allows trouble-free Windows file and print sharing on the home
network by default. (Unlike Panda and Norton).

Phil Ellwood
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Re: Bitdefender 9 Pro Plus - multiuser capability?

To share the answer to my question (after receiving a very quick response
from BitDefender Technical Support):

The program is *designed* to operate in a way that all users on the local
machine share the same settings (friends list, spammers list, bayesian word
list, etc).  The only thing the 'multi-user support' feature does is allow
all users access to the settings console.  Hhmmmm... :-(

 Phil Ellwood
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