Beware NOD32.....

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NOD32 is failing to pick up such things as the retadpu173.exe
Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.NKY trojan even though they claim to have added
the def on May 14, 2007.

Not that missing a def now and then won't happen to any antivirus product -
it will.  The main problem is that they are blocking any posts on their
forums that show the scan results of NOD32 vs competitors that did catch the
trojan and what those competitors thought the trojan was.

They said that an antivirus product missing a virus "is not a usage issue".
Well, where I come from, when a product fails to perform as advertised (they
used to LOVE saying that they "haven't missed a virus in the wild in 7
years"), that's a "usage issue".

If your car won't move forward in drive, or stalls when making a left turn -
that's a usage issue.  If your antivirus product fails to detect a trojan
that you have added a def for (in my book at least), THAT'S a usage issue.

They behave like a bunch of Nazis on the Wilders-hosted forums.  You can say
anything as long as you don't show Eset isn't as good as X at detecting Y

What a fucking can you fix problems that you just cover up?

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This seems like some kind of a personal problem.

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