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Sorry, this has probably been asked  a number of times here, but I am unable
to find a current answer to it.

I'm looking for the best encryption software to allow me to encrypt my data
so a possible virus attack would make it very difficult for a potential
hacker to understand the data contained in any files they may download from
my machine.

Hopefully I'm not asking too much, but apart from good encryption, I'd hope
for ease of use in the fact that the encrypted files could be clicked on
then after entering a password the file would be encrypted and loaded into
the correct application it belongs to.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated, or am I asking too much ??

Many thanks in advance,

Re: Best encryption application

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005 00:28:07 +0100, "SpudBuster"

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Hey Spud,

No expert I, but...

I have had very good luck with PGP. Check for
more info on this fine product.

All the best,

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Re: Best encryption application says...
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I'm very happy with Cryptainer (Cypherix).  They have a free
version and different levels of paid versions depending upon how
much you want to encrypt.

The one time I contacted tech support by email they were friendly
and helpful in a timely fashion.

I find it works flawlessly and when I moved it's files and tried to
"show it where they were" actually found them!  


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