Beginner anti ad-ware help?

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I am a relative beginner. Last Thursday another user watched what they
thought was a video on my Dell laptop, and now we have adware that is
not being caught by Verizon anti-virus or anti-spy software.
The pop-ups/pop-unders only occurs with Internet Explorer.

We switched to Firefox Safe Mode and I removed two files,
tqisuyagasutiyay.dll and omoyineba.dll in C:\Windows that appear to be
related, so that upon start-up, Windows XP tells me that those two
files cannot be found, and the ads do not reappear with Firefox.

However, when opening Internet Explorer, the files reappear and the
pop-ups restart, so I believe there is something in the Registry that
needs to be removed also. I don=92t know how to do this. Can someone
advise me how to do this will Spybot help? Where would I go for
information? My real fear is identity theft somehow if I don=92t get
completely clean.

Thank you,

Re: Beginner anti ad-ware help?

Pat wrote:
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Two excellent free programs are MalwareByte's Anti-Malware (MBAM) and
SuperAntiSpyware (SAS).
These two programs are often recommneded here and in the alt.privacy.spyware
Go to their web sites and dl the free versions of each.
Once dl'd, install them and update them.
Delete your temporary internet files, temp files, cookies you don't want and
empty your Recycle Bin.
Then run one program (usually you can use the 'quick' mode) until it finds
no more problems and then shut down that program and run the other one.

Re: Beginner anti ad-ware help?

Thanks again. I do appreciate it.

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