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I have a file, who have a personality problem. He can't decide whether
he's a virus or not.

Well, just kidding...

But it's true, I have a file which came in my original driver CD. The
problem is that Avast and a few others say it's a virus.

But McAfee and Kaspersky say it's not.

I really need to know who's right, because I don't want to delete the
file if it's safe.

Please post your opinion. Here's a link to the file:

Re: Be or not to be

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You can't expect people to test the file for you! Stay with the
professionals. Upload the file to /


Neural Planner Software Ltd

Re: Be or not to be

Well Steve, you're underestimating me.

I've already tested the file on and on

I am not asking for you to scan the file for me. I was rather hoping I
would find someone who can do something better than just submit the
file to the scanning sites.

Maybe on the Virus group we have someone who really knows something
about viruses and can can give a human opinion instead of automated
tests which already proved to be useless in my case.


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Re: Be or not to be

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People who really know something don't spread malware by advertising
where to download it. They also know enough to submit suspicious
files to their antivirus vendor for analysis.


Re: Be or not to be

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You're troll, please don't hijack my thread which is legit.

Not willing to help? Fine, just try not to bother.

First of all, it's unknown whether it's malware or not. Second, nobody
is stupid enough to download and execute a file stating it could be a
virus (clicking on the link you'll have that information showed).
Unless it's someone like you, in which case I don't care.

But you're last phrase is a good suggestion, which I'm taking.
Actually I've already sent several e-mails to Avast which is my anti-
virus provider. The problem is I use the free version, which has
really poor if any support. I don't blame Avast, they might receive
thousands requests like mine. So until today I haven't received a
single answer from them.

Anyway I'll try sending the file to Kaspersky Support, even though I'm
not a customer there's a chance they will be interested in helping
more than you are.



Re: Be or not to be

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Well Gui, clearly you overestimate the length of your
miniscule penis, you supercilious chlamydia smear.

Re: Be or not to be

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If you have been using the driver CD for a while and it was never
flagged before,it could be a false positive.
You should submit the file in question to Avast and tell them where
you got it so that they can check it and then update their def.files.
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