Be careful with Spyware Doctor

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If not set carefully, it runs in the background going
through your cookies and deciding which ones should be removed.

It removed one of my accounts from my bank site and I
couldn't restore the account because the cookies didn't
match up anymore.  I finally resolved it by restoring a
cookie file from a week ago from a backup.

All in all, I don't recommend the program and have removed
it from "active duty".


Re: Be careful with Spyware Doctor says...
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I havent used spyware doctor , but even firefox browser can delete all
your cookies (clear private data settings)upon closure of firefox if set
that way.It shouldnt be too hard to get the cookie back when visiting the
site again (assuming you are not blocking them)with some software or
security settings.Deleting a cookie shouldnt remove an account.

Re: Be careful with Spyware Doctor

bassbag wrote:
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I agree that it "shouldn't" and it didn't remove the account
on the bank's server.  But my browser could not gain access
to it.  I had three accounts with the bank and one of them
was no longer available on my browser.  As I examined the
cookies, the bank one had been changed and only had two of
the three accounts listed.

I set up the third account again but it only lasted till I
closed the browser (FF).  I've no idea what happened but I
do know that just a day or two ago, I decided to try leaving
Spyware Doctor running "on guard" and this was the result.
The program was shooting up little windows periodically
proudly telling me it had deleted x number of cookies.  I
should have realized Spyware Doctor didn't have good enough
judgment and turned it off right away :-)

I had no more trouble once I restored an older file of my
cookies and stopped the program from "guarding" my computer.


Re: Be careful with Spyware Doctor

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I've got about 5'bank' sites I use, but Spyware Doctor has never zapped
any cookies. I also use Firefox.
Strange. :(
Mike Gasson
(from the Isle of Purbeck)

Re: Be careful with Spyware Doctor

On Wed, 01 Feb 2006 03:32:58 GMT, louise wrote:

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I've found that Firefox has a habit of doing this after it's been installed
for a while. I've found nothing to stop it happening. A very annoying and



Re: Be careful with Spyware Doctor

Slarty wrote:
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Well...I finally restored a week old cookie file and all
looked good.  But the next day, I have my list of 3
accounts, but I have it TWICE.

So, when I use the dropdown to choose the account, each of
the three accounts is duplicated.  This is definitely
Firefox and I'm not sure why, nor how to "fix" it.  I'm
using FF 1.5 - I never had it happen with older versions.


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