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Sygate lovers are in mourning :(,1895,1848935,00.asp


Re: Bad news

Look at it also this way Art....maybe Norton firewall will become
That is if they do what i think they're doing...kicking out their mickey
mouse Firewall and install a serious firewall like Sygate.
On the other hand i doubt if sygate stays free:-(

And that would be indeed sad news.


Art schreef:
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Re: Bad news says...
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If not Sygate (and it seems there's no choice), where might one
start to look for a firewall?

I'm running an NAT router (broadband connection), NOD32 and I'm
careful but I need to open some messages because of my business



Re: Bad news

louise wrote:
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Sygate is currently still available unchanged -- get the current version

Kerio 4.2...

Hi Louise,

I also use NOD32 as main scanner and have a NAT router (Digitus).
As a software firewall i use KERIO great!
It detected my network probs at all.

I use it to check my outgoing programs.

I would NOT recommend Tiny firewall;it's realy only for advanced users
and difficult to handle imho.



PS: you also could look at Zonelabs free firewall. It's NOT that good as
Sygate...but still better as no firewall at all!

louise wrote:
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Re: Kerio 4.2...

Although it is not free, I would suggest you look at Look N Stop as your
firewall. I have been using it for years, and it has faithfully served it's
purpose. By the way it is a one time, lifetime fee only, and it works great.
Try out the trial version for 30 days. You will be impressed.

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Re: Bad news

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Yeah -  I posted an entry in my website as soon as I found out also.
It's terrible news. Sygate will now be S---Y---G---A---T---E <Insert
bloat here!

Ian Kenefick

Re: Bad news says...
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"We're excited. It's a great deal for our employees and investors.
Everybody's going to walk away happy," said John De Santis, Sygate's


Famous last words. Welcome to the team. We will strive together toward
a bright shining tomorrow full of promise and hope. Uhhh, wait where
are you moving my desk!


Over time, Symantec will integrate Sygate's client software into its
own desktop client and fold policy management functionality from Sygate
into existing policy management products, De Santis said.

Sadly I think we all have the same fear. Let's hope we're wrong. Sygate
is a superior firewall product.

James E. Morrow
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Re: Bad news says...
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I have the Personal Pro version (paid) - there is an option on
their site to renew for another year.  Should I?  Or, will I find
myself with a program the company, which is not the same company,
is no longer supporting?

Norton does that - they allow you to purchase subscription updates
for NAV but they don't support the program(s) for which you can
still purchase the subscription updates :-)


Re: Bad news

*soul shudder*

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