Avira service jamming my PC

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Using the new Avira Free Antivirus, version 12, fully updated.

Every now and then, when I'm watching a movie, listening to music,
checking my email, etc, the PC jams for a minute, sometimes less,
infrequently a lot longer.

Once it jammed for so long I was about to hard reboot (ctrl-alt-del
not responding) when it went back to normal.

So I set procexp to run on the screen, and next time it happened, I
saw that an avira process was consuming 99% of the CPU. Can't remember
which process, I just got a glimpse of the little red icon and the cpu
usage before everything went back to normal, and the window I had
clicked on before blanked it out.

Windows XP SP3.

Not an update, I have them set to once a day, and this is happening
maybe 2-3 times a day.

Deadly for anyone that plays online games ..
Any idea what is happening ? And what should be tweaked so it does not
go on happening ?

Re: Avira service jamming my PC

Shadow wrote:

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What OTHER security software did you install that runs as a background
or resident process?  While the suggestion to use multiple AV products
to overlap their protection (i.e., have them possible cover gaps in
other products), some of them still install system hooks or run
background processes despite you want them completely quiescent and used
only as an on-demand scanner.  I've seen where a couple of security
products were competing with each other with the result that one would
interrogate a file, close it, the other saw the open and then scanned
the same file, closed it, the first one saw that and scanned again, and
the two kept competing on the same file so that I was getting 3900 file
opens per minute.  Getting rid of the lesser product eliminate the

Re: Avira service jamming my PC

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    Just Malwarebytes (free so not resident) and a firewall. I
also scan from linux with avast, f-prot or clamav, when I'm doing
something else.
    I'm going to capture the hogger, if I'm fast enough, and I'll
post the results here.

Re: Avira service jamming my PC

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Hits 87% for update.exe, then soon after 100% for avguard.exe. CPU
usage stats from procexp.

    spoolsv.exe    1568        Spooler SubSystem App    Microsoft
    sched.exe    1612        Avira Scheduler    Avira Operations GmbH
& Co. KG
     update.exe    3388        Avira Updater    Avira Operations GmbH
& Co. KG
      updrgui.exe    1360        Avira Updater remote GUI Avira
Operations GmbH & Co. KG
    avguard.exe    272    100.00    Avira On-Access Service    Avira
Operations GmbH & Co. KG
     avshadow.exe    1492        Avira Shadow Copy Service
Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG


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