Avira Free and conflicts with Spyware Blaster/MBAM, etc

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When I did a fresh install recently I installed Avira and it scanned for  
compatibility issues, namely Malware Bytes free, Site Advisor and  
Spyware Blaster, I've read online conflicting views on this and wanted  
to get the take in this forum, is installing these now after the fact of  
installing Avira ok, or am I going to get errors and have to uninstall  
those programs?

Thanks for info in advance :)

Re: Avira Free and conflicts with Spyware Blaster/MBAM, etc

On 2014-02-28 4:52 PM, usenetopian wrote:
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AFAIK, there won't be any problems if you run only one program at a  
time. You may have to shut down Avira first, which means you should  
disconnect from the 'net, just in case. If so, make sure the newly  
installed program doesn't become the default shield.

Warning: some programs try to eliminate the competition. I won't allow  
any such program on my machines.

Select the one you want as your real-time protector, and make sure the  
others don't start up on boot. From time to time, disconnect from the  
'net, shut down the real-time protection, and run the other scanners one  
at a time. They will probably want to update first, let them do that.  
After you've done the maintnenance, go through th program's setting to  
make sure it won't start on boot.

BTW, if you use Avira as your primary shield, turn off Windows Firewall.  
It will just slow things down.

Wolf K

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