AVG8 Resident Shield problem

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If I leave my computer for a while, there is often a message from AVG on
screen when I return. It says that threats have been found and identifies on
its infections list:

File name: G:\System Volume
Threat name: Adware Generic3.BKE
Detected on open.

Process Name: C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe
Process ID: 1264

It seems to be targeting an application on my G partition - Download
Accelerator Plus (which it didn't like when I did a system scan yesterday).

There's an option to go to AVG's site for more information but I can't get
any response on 'A0058889.dll' or 'Generic3.BKE'
and a search on 'Generic3' yields 2-year-old information on Generic2

I've twice told AVG to ignore these files but next time I come back to the
machine, it's dug them up again and invited me to remove them.
So what's the problem? And what's the solution?


John Dean

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