AVG7.5 gave me a mountain to climb

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I know...I know...people will say, "Upgrade your OS and install AVG8" and
all that stuff. My answer? No. I used AVG7.5 for years with my OS of Windows
Me. I still use Me because even though it's supposed to be the unstable
pariah of all
MS OSses, I haven't had any major problems in the 8 years I've been using
it. But of course AVG no longer supports Win Me and when I went to
freeforum.avg.com, all I got was the door slammed in my puss. I can't post
on it because I can't register and all that jazz expected from a once tiny
company that's become a major one. So if you'll be so kind, allow me to tell
you about the AVG7.5 bogeyman who's been haunting my PC.

In early May, I went to update my virus database and was bid farewell by AVG
because they didn't support my platform of Me. So I went to my control
panel>remove programs and removed AVG7.5. I replaced it with AVAST 4.8 which
also is free but is a royal pain in the arse because it slowed everything
down to a crawl. Well anyway, as soon as AVG7.5 was removed and AVAST
installed, I began to notice the bogeyman. He came in the form of a white
rectangle, about 2 x 5" with a CLOSE button on the bottom. It would pop up
unexpectedly and cause a freezeup of mail and both Mozilla Firefox 2.2 and

And so I began to go virus & bot hunting using AVAST and Spybot S&D,the
latter of which has always been a wonderful piece of furniture. And I even
downloaded CLAMWIN as well because it requires very little memory. And so
I'm running all these tools and they're telling me my PC is void of garbage
which sounded wonderful if it were not for the fact that that damned FREEZE
UP BOXED BOGEYMAN kept appearing.

So what did I do next? I went into my hard drive to see what remnants of
AVG7.5 might still be there. There was a lot including the multicolored
square icon. So I dragged it out, placed it on the desktop and proceeded to
use it as if it were never outdated. Then I saw it in my taskbar, clicked,
got a message to update it and when I couldn't, it turned gray.
Then I hit RUN, typed in MSCONFIG to check the startup menu and saw three
references to AVG7.5. They were
AVG7_CC, AVG7_AMSVR and AVG7_EMC. I gathered all were part and parcel of
having that icon appear and then turn gray but you know what? Activating an
unusable AVG7.5 stopped the freezeup window from appearing. And so it was no
virus or bot or malware in my machine creating the problem; it was the lack
of an unusable AVG7. Has anyone ever heard of anything so ridiculous?

But then something entered my mind. Maybe just a "touch" of AVG was needed,
so I experimented with those three
apps in MSCONFIG and found that all was needed to keep the freezeup bogeyman
outta here was the startup of
AVG7-AMSVR, as if I know what that means. But maybe that alone uses memory
and adds to the slowdown of my
computer. You can bet that AVAST is one heck of a memory eater so who needs
more hungry programs.

So right now, besides being slow, even on cable, the situation is this. How
can I rid the machine totally of everything connected with AVG7.5. Who wants
outdated stuff hanging around but getting rid of it will re-create the
freezeup problem.
The next thing I want to do is to get AVAST out of the machine even though
it's a very good bug catcher. I want something that uses far less RAM and I
heard RAV is very good. But for the time being, does anyone have a clue as
to why
the total removal of AVG7.5 plus remnants of it on the hard drive will
unleash the freezeup bogeyman again?

Thanks for your time. I realize this has been a lengthy description and if
you stayed around long enough to read it, you're a darn nice person.

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