AVG update files, which are unnecessary after update complete?

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I've got really low disk space on an old computer, so I was looking for
crap to kill when the last AVG update was 5MB.
I found alot of stuff that I think it only needs during the update, then
is just backup after, or left over from the initial install.
I don't know why programs can't be bothered to delete this shit!
Does anybody know what's what?
Are the .bin files the install files for the update defs., or the defs. it
uses during operation?
It's got what I think is the runtime defs. in C:\WINDOWS\All
Users\Application Data\Grisoft\Avg7Data\avg7upd\install.1\.
Am I right, and the .bin files can be deleted?
There's also a backup dir in the same dir as the install.1 one.
I'm not sure I can dump that though because of my recent exp. with a crash
during an update.  Does it need those to revert, or if I have to manually
kill the .bin file that part way came thru?

Any info appreciated,

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