AVG "Stuck in a spin" Plroblem solved ....hopefully!

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Hello Reg, Dave & Melissa

Well, I can't believe it!   The AVG problem appears to be solved.

Since my last [long] post to you, I thought I'd just check  AVG settings
once more.   The following  this is exactly what I did in case anyone
else has this problem.

I opened AVG Control Centre->Right-clicked E-Mail
Connection->Edit->....I *unchecked* LAN, then *checked* Dial-up, clicked
OK, OK, OK and
IMMEDIATELY my long-awaited email started to download, and AVG started
behaving as it should!

How on earth could my dial-up be changed to a LAN connection when I've
never even seen these dialogues before today ?

Please let me know what you think?   Many many thanks to all who have
answered my posts.

This is one of only a few excellent newsgroups around.

Re: AVG "Stuck in a spin" Plroblem solved ....hopefully!

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Hi Jeni,

On Tue, 24 May 2005 23:41:13 +0100, you wrote:

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Great news, Jeni!  I'm glad you got it sorted out.  

I'm still a bit concerned about you running both NAV and AVG on-access
at the same time.  Even if you're a real "high risk" user who likes
to click on every unsolicited attachment that comes in, or you
download and try to install questionable software, etc., I still
think it's unnecessary overkill - or worse - to run both background
scanners at the same time.

Want to know what I really think?  I think you should just remove NAV
altogether! :-)

However, if you really feel the need to keep both AVs on your machine,
I might recommend disabling NAV's on-access scanner, and only using
NAV for on-demand scanning if/when you feel the need.  NAV is
probably a bit more of a resource hog than AVG, and since you already
seem to want to use the AVG email scanning, I think this arrangement
might be better for you than running both concurrently.

Anyway, I'm glad AVG is working properly again! :-)

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Re: AVG "Stuck in a spin" Plroblem solved ....hopefully!

On Tue, 24 May 2005 22:18:36 -0700, Melissa

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Hi Jeni,
   My apologies for getting your name wrong on my last post but glad
to hear you now have things sorted properly. I know that it is a
wonderful moment when having been puzzled like this and you eventually
find the solution. Maybe it had something to do with the last major
AVG update but had that been the case I am sure there would have been
far more people with the problem than yourself.


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