AVG Playing More Games - Loses This Customer FOREVER!

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I've been using their paid version for the last four years. They used
to have a very simple interface. This year they decided to make it
into colors. It sucks.

They used to have a little green shield that would come up and tell
you if a Web page search was safe or not. I, and others, have wondered
what happened to that in the paid 2013 version. Well, today I found
out. These bastards not only took it away from the paid version, they
now - after a month or so of me having the 2013 version, have the damn
program popping up, inviting me to BUY their "new" Web Protection
program. In other words, what used to be free, now will cost me money.
However, they do not tell you that no matter how many times they show
you the word 'free' in their popup, when you go to their Web page for
more info, you find it really isn't free. The 'download' is free. How
many times have we seen that crap trick?

This arrogant attitude toward a paying customer is unwarranted and
demeaning. It's as if we're a pack of fools. I gave up on Kaspersky's
TOTAL lack of support over the years. I gave up on AVIRA's pop ups and
convoluted nonsense and horrible support. I gave up on Avast after I
paid for 2 years and had them cut me off after one year and do nothing
about it but tell me to get lost. Well, now it's good-bye to AVG and
their nonsense. Even though it's paid for, I don't think it's going to
last out the month with me. These AV companies have really turned into
a bunch of greedy, lying assholes.

Re: AVG Playing More Games - Loses This Customer FOREVER!

AVG "Internet Security" is the one you perhaps should have purchased!

On Wed, 30 Jan 2013 21:23:49 +0100 (CET), Dave U. Random

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Re: AVG Playing More Games - Loses This Customer FOREVER!

On Wed, 30 Jan 2013 21:23:49 +0100 (CET), Dave U. Random

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And why would I have thought I needed that, since the Web 'protection'
was in my previous paid version of 2012. How was I to know those
lying, deceitful, cheating bastards at AVG would strip it from AVG
begin selling it as an extra for more $$? Besides, I use the mvps HOST
file. I also reinstalled my paid version of MBAM that I haven't used
in a few years. I now feel I need it's extra help at that chore.
Matter of a fact, today alone it caught three phoney sites that had
suckered me into clicking on their Yahoo link saying they had the free
version of PGP 8. It caught the bums each time they had suckered me
under different names.

Also, who needs an extra, overrated, software firewall. I have Windows
XP's firewall. Yeah, there are those who don't like that it doesn't
block outgoing stuff. I got rid of a number of those nonsense
firewalls some years back after I went a bit goofy trying to figure
out all that tekkie crap. I then checked XP's firewall with the GRC
site. Know what? That damn freebie got a higher stealth score than any
of all those 'extras' that had cost a pretty good buck.

Oh, and the Internet Security package has a do-not-track feature? How
about the fact I already have the freebies Ghostery and TrackMeNot.
Why should anyone pay an extra $60 for AVG's versions of those

As for all their Spam protection, I have a brain. So far that has kept
me from mailing my bank account info and credit card numbers to anyone
in Nigeria.

The rest of their incidental and only hinted at 'advantages' I can do

Do you see now why I'm so pissed with those deceitful bastards in

Another pet peeve of mine: top posting. Please stop it. It doesn't
make any sense. And a lot of people killfile those who do it.

Re: AVG Playing More Games - Loses This Customer FOREVER!

Dave U. Random wrote:
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There was a time when I too was caught up in the thinking that my FW needed to
do stateful packet inspection on all exiting traffic, even got into checking
ethereal logs etc. but time and hopefully wisdom has winnowed my needs to the
basic IDS within, first XP, and now '7', and I haven't had and unpleasant
surprises, especially since purging IE off the system and terminating unneeded
services from running all the time.

FWIW: All browsing is done via a sandboxed Opera v12.12...
still wondering if there's anything to all the talk about java vulns

Re: AVG Playing More Games - Loses This Customer FOREVER!

ASCII wrote:
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Now have upgraded  to the latest (as of now) v12.14

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