AVG network edition vs. Symantec Business pack

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Hello all,

Here on the office network, we've got 10 computers set up on a domain
(clients: win2k sp2 - server: Win 2003 Server Small Business Edition).

Almost a year ago, I installed Symantec Anti-Virus Business Pack, which
allows me to install a server version of the software on the server, and
which allows deployment of cleint software directly from the server on the
client machines. Virus definitions and software updates are effected
directly on the server, and are deployed automatically throughout the
network on the client systems by the server.

Now, all of this is very practical, and we want to keep these advanced
management/installation/update functionalities. However, i've grown allergic
to Symantec. They're too big, their software is absolute bloatware and i'd
rather replace it by something better. It's not becasue Symantec is the
biggest company that it make the best software.

I recently installed AVG Free Edition at home and find it takes up very
little ressources and is easy to use. I also like the fact that the company
(Grisoft) develops and offers a fully functional antivirus software for
Free, which makes me awant to encourage the company for its kindness and
humanity. :-)

I've browsed through their web site and have noticed they offer a "AVG
Network Edition" antivirus solution that is half the price than that of

Any thoughts about this software pack? Has anyone experimented with it?

Thanks a lot

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