AVG installation trouble

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I've had problems right after performing last AVG 7.5 free update
yesterday. The update process wouldn't work anymore. I tried
reinstalling (repairing) AVG, but without luck. Then I uninstalled it,
and tried in vain to install it again - it just won't work. It
terminates with the following error (right after making all the choices
and before starting the install process):

Local machine: installation failed
        Error: Action failed for registry key
creating registry key....
            Access is denied.  (5)

I tried the steps recommended here:

But it didn't change anything at all.

Perhaps it may be a registry issue - I tried to manually add a key
under ...CLSID, and the dialog box was "Cannot create key: Error
writing to the registry". If I check security information with
Regalyzer, it says "KEY_ALL_ACCESS" for CLSID for all users listed.

Other than that -- it's a Windows 2000 Professional computer, and I
removed _all_ traces of previous AVG Free 7.5 installation (including
relevant software keys in registry, as well as AVG "devices" in Device

What else should I do?

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