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I installed AVG on my daughter's laptop.  She is away at school and
has run a scan and the programs reports 6 viruses but has not deleted
them nor moved them to the vault.  I've looked at their FAQ and do not
see where that can be done manually.  Can anyone clue me in as to the
procedure for deleting the viruses found by AVG?  TIA--Ed

Re: AVG Help

Ed MacAlmon wrote:
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 From AVG's Help:

"In the [Virus detected] dialog, Ignore, Info and Stop buttons are
always available. The Heal and Move to Vault buttons are only shown when
such operations can be performed on the object."

Try updating AVG. The virus and other data are updated automatically if
you bought AVG Pro. If you have the free edition, you will have to do
the update manually. This past week, the program itself was updated: I
noted a 7MB download during the update process. The newer version of AVG
should be able to handle the beasties.


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El_Lobo_Viejo@Ruddy.Moss.com says...
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Not so. The free version will update automatically also.


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MoiMoi wrote:
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Thanks for that. It's been a long time since I had the free version, and
IIRC it didn't do that at that time. But my memory ain't what it used to
be. :-)

Re: AVG Help

It should already be in the vault, [quarentined] for any operation you =
need to do with it. Let her checkout this website in order to clean the =
http://home.neo.rr.com/manna4u /
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