AVG has gone bonkers

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I am running the free edition of AVG.
Yesterday I decided to upgrade it, which I have not done in awhile.
I do not run the TSR, I only scan when I feel a need, because I rarely
download anything and never open attachments except pictures.
Yesterday I left the upgrade run and download about 14 megs,  I am on
dialup, so this took quite awhile.  I had to drive to someones house
because I could not use my phone.  When I got home, it was finished
and asked me to reboot.  I let it reboot and was too tired to go back
on the computer.  I just turned it on and started the scan.  Partway
through, it stopped and said no viruses found, but left some red
symbols.  Clicking on them, it said my virus base is dated 4-06-07.

WTF, I thought I just upgraded it......
What the heck was that 14 megs all about.  
When it asked me if I wanted to upgrade, I thought it would just
upgrade the definitions file, and had upgraded the program version
yesterday.  WRONG..... This time I wants me to download almost 18

I selected NO.  I tried to close the program and it said the scan was
not finished and I could not close it.  About that time I got pissed
off enough and just did a manual reboot of the computer.

What the f**k is wrong with this program?  Has it gone bonkers, or has
it just become this retarded?  I'm about ready to send the whole thing
to the trash.  The only reason I have not done this already is because
I am not sure what else to run.  I'm not spending any money on it,
because I am really not too worried about viruses since I run Win98
and rarely download.  Downloading this POS is the most downloading
this computer has done in a long time.

Maybe I am better just removing the program and starting all over?????
It's seriously fudged....

I never really wanted to upgrade the program anyhow, just the
definitions, or virus base  as they call it.

The listed version is 7.5.446.  Whether thats new or old, I have no
clue.  This is all turning into much too much work, and time.  I
really dont even want a newer version, I am sure it's more bloat like
most newer software, which I why I stick with Win98.  If I cant just
upgrade the definitions, what good is the whole program....?

Re: AVG has gone bonkers

markhenry600380@hotmail.com wrote:
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Your still on dialup? lol   Where do you live? in a cave in Afghanistan?
uninstall it then download the new version from www.free.grisoft.com (save
to disk)
and you should only have one update after that.
install this first and it will resume your download for you should you get
bumped off your ah dial up connection.

Don't you have Google in your part of the world?

Re: AVG has gone bonkers

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 09:43:16 -0500, "Clark..."

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When you live on a farm, dialup is all there is.  Unless I went
satellite at a cost of $100 a month.  For a little email and a few
websites, and occasional newsgroup use I think paying $20 a month is
too much for dialup. Most farmers dont even use internet around here.
Until 2001 there was no internet at all.

I'll try what you said.

What does google have to do with any of this?

Re: AVG has gone bonkers

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 09:41:09 -0600, markhenry600380@hotmail.com wrote:

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Yes, but start over with Avast, also free and no ads as AVG has
just added to their free version. AVG will want to connect to
bring you fresh adware.


Since you need to DL a fresh AV, invest the time in a highly
recommended free AV. I've tried them all of the years and
Avast is the best. The definition updates are small and fast
if done daily. If you practice 'safehex', your need for an
AV will be minimal, and could therefore update definitions
less often.


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I was born and raised on a farm in Iowa many years before computers
were invented. I know where you're coming from.

Dial-up is now available from major businesses for less. Google
[search] the internet for Frys.com, Samsclub.com, Walmart.com etc.
They start at $5.95/month if you have a store near enough to you
to reach their local connection telephone number. I'm thinking
of switching from my local ISP which is $9.95/month.

My wife has XP and a hi-speed cable connection. It wouldn't be a
free connection for me anyway. I'd have to layout $500 for another
computer. $500 for an OS I don't even like - no thanks.



Re: AVG has gone bonkers

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"...no ads as AVG has just added to their free version. AVG will want to
connect to
bring you fresh adware."

Errm, whatever gives you that idea?

Re: AVG has gone bonkers

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For what it's worth, I have AVG Free on my laptop which seldom gets used.
I have just updated AVG Free and it shows version 7.7.503


Re: AVG has gone bonkers

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Yeah, crazy program. Sickening, even. Just where the hell do Grisoft get off
giving you free  protection from viruses with new updates available nearly
every day? They should pay you to use their software! Or create a special
AVG free lite edition for you - it would only need updates once every two
years and the updates would be no larger than 1kB. Plus it would have to be
fully compatible with DOS 6.22 or whatever the hell OS you use. If it's too
much trouble for you to to allow AVG access to the internet once a fortnight
or so, then you should consider uninstalling it, with it being such a tax on
your time and energy.



Re: AVG has gone bonkers

Dr.White wrote:
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The guy asks a perfectly simple question and has to get a lecture from a
shithead like you, still, that's the way of ng's. What are you a Dr. of,
not Internet etiquette we hope.

AVG seems to work well for me, Avast and Avira may be a little better
but I had conflict problems with them.
Dave Cohen

Re: AVG has gone bonkers

On Nov 19, 6:29 am, markhenry600...@hotmail.com wrote:
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No, MORON, maybe you need to get your crowbar out to force open the
rusted-close door to the vault containing your money that you last
opened some 13 years ago and PAY FOR THE SERVICE YOU'RE COMPLAINING

People like you don't deserve any free AV protection.  You're too
stupid to purchase the real thing, and so you'll repeat the (above)
experience, over and over, until finally it dawns on you that by now
you've wasted so much time repairing your registry that the modest
expense you might have made up front, actually investing in the
exhaustive R&D required to maintain a malware database -- the cost of
fully-loaded AV software has far exceeded the $7.25/hr. value of even
_your_ pathetic time.



Re: AVG has gone bonkers

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Be nice to people like us who like freebies. I use AVG (not really my
favorite but that's another story). I have no problem at all with it and
didn't cost be a penny. I got married so I don't have to pay for sex
either, there's lot's of free things in this world not least of which
are people who feel they can go around calling people morons and stupid
as they  hide behind the anonymity of the internet (also nearly free).
Have a good day
Dave Cohen

Re: AVG has gone bonkers

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Oh, you paid BIGTIME :-)


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