AVG free install failed

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Dear Group,

may I request some assistance with a failed install of AVGfree please?

from the install log:
Local machine: installation failed
        Error: Action failed for file avgupd.dll: creating file....
            - created : SetupMachine.cpp (8054)
            - returned: SetupMachine.cpp (8060)
            Uncompress stream error.
                - created : SetupPackage.cpp (402)
                - thrown  : SetupModel.cpp.h (2112)
                - caught  : SetupMachine.cpp (7764)
                - returned: SetupMachine.cpp (7773)
                - thrown  : SetupMachine.cpp (8033)
                - caught  : SetupMachine.cpp (8037)
                No error
                    - created : SetupPackage.cpp (402)

There was no uninstall available after this so I tried again but now
get "some installation files are corrupt, download another copy". I did
this and still get this message. I did a system restore and still get
the message. I wonder if there are some files still hidden somewhere
from my first attempt which I need to delete?

I'm running XP home + SP2 on an Advent T9100.

I have looked in Grisoft's AVGfree forum and a couple of people have
similar issues but not quite the same. I can't post there 'coz you need
to register...
... which needs the install to have worked!

Colin Smith

Re: AVG free install failed

colinsmithwork@hotmail.com wrote:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yup, uninstall rarely cleans up everything. It can't delete locked
files, for example, and a lot of useless keys are left behind. Since
some installers look for existing installation by checking the registry,
this is a problem. There are lot of things wrong with the registry and
the un/install programs, but this is not the place to rant about it,
sorely tempted though I am to do so.

The following will work with any recalcitrant program that doesn't
uninstall properly, just change the search strings to suit. I used it
recently when Canon's PhotoRecord corrupted somehow, and a reinstall
refused to work.

-- Uninstall AVG.

-- Search for and delete all folders and files that AVG created. Some
may be undeletable at this point, as they were locked during boot.

-- Reboot, and run a registry cleaner. If you are using a manual one,
read the instructions and help carefully first. The automated ones will
find a load of useless stuff unrelated to AVG - it's OK to clean that
out, too.

-- Reboot, go to command line and run regedit. In regedit, search for
avg*, and delete all references that you find. Just delete the keys that
start with avg, don't bother with any other keys that may be associated
with those. Most of them will be in the Software section of the
registry. Don't delete anything else, no matter how tempting (eg, I saw
  references to a program I uninstalled over a year ago!)

-- Reboot. You should now be able to delete all remaining files and
folders created by AVG install.

-- Reboot, and run the registry cleaner again.

-- You should now have a clean machine, or as clean as the registry
cleaner could make it.

-- Reboot, and reinstall from a good package.


Re: AVG free install failed

colinsmithwork@hotmail.com says...
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To add to wolfs advice,there is also an AVG forum at castlecops with a
few knowledable posters,who may be able to help.

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