AVG for Exchange, any good?

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Hello people,

This is going to be one of those "is this a good buy"-posts which I
realize are annoying but I really can't find much information on the

At the moment I'm using McAfee Groupshield for Exchange (90 mailboxes)
which works more or less. It generates a lot of "could not scan this
item" messages and sometimes it eats half of the processor time for
hours on end. Since my prime support is over I'm looking at new

AVG network edition along with the Email server edition is a LOT
cheaper than McAfee but apart from the documentation on the developer's
site I can't find much information on it.

So is there anyone who can tell me: if it performs well, how it does on
resources, do you have problems with it, can I attach a custom stamp to
each message, how does it do on reporting and anything else you've
encountered. I'd really not like to jump into this AV conversion
without more information.

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