AVG email scanner not sending messages

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Hello all,
I am running the AVG 7 freeware on win XP home with Outlook Express.  About
a month ago the email scanner started acting up.  The first problem to show
up was from spam that I had forwarded as attachments to the anti spam
mailbox for my ISP (Worldnet).  I would get a reply saying something like
the message was rejected because of a bad byte.  Then I turned off the
outgoing message scanning and the returned message problem went away.  Now
however, the scanning pop-up message still shows up for outgoing messages,
then after a while, the scanning pop-up goes berserk. The pop-up box that
shows the scanning activity would not stop popping up, it would continue
over and over again.  Uninstalling and reinstalling AVG does not help.  Then
I started watching the QUEUE folder.  In QUEUE\ACTIVE I would see several
files, and if I was connected to the net with Outlook Express running I
could watch files come and go from that folder even though I was not sending
or receiving mail, but the folder would never become empty.   Following that
I deleted all files in QUEUE\ACTIVE , and uninstalled and reinstalled AVG.
That fixed things for maybe a day and now the problem has returned, and some
of my outgoing messages never went out.  I have now deactivated the email
scanning function of AVG entirely, and that stopped the problem, but I am
now without automatic virus scanning of incoming email.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?



Re: AVG email scanner not sending messages

In news: Tom H. typed:
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Tom, email scanning on incoming viruses is a WASTE OF TIME and SYSTEM

Immediatly disable email scanning.

If you chose to open an infected email attachement then the anti virus
resident scanner will alert you of the danger.

Read the MANY previous posts on this topic and in alt.privacy.spyware

Re: AVG email scanner not sending messages

Thanks for the advice.  I will keep the email scanning disabled.

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Re: AVG email scanner not sending messages

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In addition to what YoKenny said, it adds another point of failure as
you found out.

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