AVG [AVGW.exe] won't execute from Test Center icon

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AVG, that is, the program AVGW.exe, when I execute it, I see the
opening flash screen, then it settles into a icon in the bottom and
does not nothing. Won't execute, won't Maximize, but will CLOSE, which
is good.

I can't figure this out or find info on it.

The Control Center as AVGCC.exe - that does come up! The Update Manager
works. Okay. But even here the AVGW or the virus scanner itself just
won't execute except for a brief flash screen as though it were. It
just pops down into an icon and refuses to budge until I CLOSE its
little icon.

What do you call that tray at the bottom. It's not the System Tray but
right next to it? If I knew the proper name maybe I could execute
better Google searches for the answers.

I have discovered AVG.exe which does run in DOS so things are okay

Very little is running in the system. I have a Firewall at medium that
is a physical firewall, but setting it to Low, had no effect and AVG
was running in the past with this okay.

I tried to check out Services but have forgotten that command. I am
running Windows 98SE.

I was having problems with a JavaScript blocking with Firefox, but I
don't see that harming AVG and anyway, took that off the system.

I did run a test scan with an old version of McAfee VirusScan, and
that's okay. I think I tried to open AVG while running McAfee. Did
McAfee think AVG was a virus and killed it? Could be. I did not see any
messages though. I should check if McAfee has any virus vault but it's
a real old version 4.0.3 but with a later engine and the latest data
base of info, 8/15/05. Maybe check the scan log. Nope, nothing in the
scan log about anything, all is okay, no actions taken.

Any ideas? Is this a JavaScript problem? I don't see anything in
memory. I don't have anything in memory regarding anti-virus software.
I run everything manually and have kept AVG from running automatically
in the MSCONFIG but never a problem before. I stopped it because it
seemed to take over the computer. I guess that's because it used the
Services and so I did not see it in the main cache at times easily. And
it ran at boot. And I don't seem to have much virus problems using
Win98SE, which is one of its main advantages.

Re: AVG [AVGW.exe] won't execute from Test Center icon

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Tsk bar, or maybe the quick launch bar?

Re: AVG [AVGW.exe] won't execute from Test Center icon

On 17 Aug 2005 01:59:46 -0700, "treeline12345@yahoo.com"

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If I understand you, that IS the System Tray. Right clicking that icon
should give you a pop-up context menu from which you can launch AVG
components and do updates, same as if you accessed AVG via the Start

I don't know what's wrong with your AVG. I suggest you try your query
on the Grisoft/AVG forums: http://forum.grisoft.cz/freeforum /. Luck!

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