AVG AV and avgamsvr.exe file question

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I downloaded the free version of AVG to run as a 2nd option (manually),
since I have Avast running as my main AV program.

My question is how to remove avgamsvr.exe from start-up?  I checked
msconfig and it's not listed there, and I removed all AVG start-ups from
the registry.  I understand that this program moves right into the start-up
tasks the minute you decide to do an AVG scan.  I'm sure if I booted into
safe mode, I could end the task by using task manager, and also try to
delete any referenced commands to it in the registry, but I have a feeling
that the little bugger will reinstall itself.

Is there anyway to do a manual scan using AVG free without this program
running all the time?  It reminds me of Norton and McAfee with the oodles
of registry references they create.

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