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Hello: Google Groups

        The other day I but a tread on these discussion boards in
regards to antivirus removal tools.  Norton 2008 and AVG.  And thanks
all for your responce. I managed to successfully remove the Norton
2008 with a removal tool.  As for AVG antivirus I also managed to
activted it being fully protected by playing with it, updating it, and
restarting the computer.  Today I was not fully protected AVG due to
the Email scanner button reading as not active.  I tried this: Click
on dest top Icon.  Right clicking on the email scanner is not active,
Choosing open, looking for the button  to Check to enable Email
Scanner  not being there.  What I see in the window Is this : Scan
incoming messages.  Scan Out Going messages and Display notification
window while email is being scanned.  Is there some way to turn on the
email scanner active  without removing the AVG all together?

Re: AVG Anti Virus / Enable Email Scanner

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you don't need to start another thread for this.

here are some video tutorials from AVG / Grisoft

make sure you read my reply for you


Re: AVG Anti Virus / Enable Email Scanner

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   Thanks for all the help on the  threads I put out other day.  It
turns out the problem  I had with the email scanner  didn't go way it
come back again.  So I did research on the link you gave in the video
tutorial to uninstall the anti virus software and I did.  I also found
directions on reinstalling free AVG and that installation also went
well .  So all and all I would like to say  thanks for all of your
help you given me  and also give you my very best regards.   John.

Re: AVG Anti Virus / Enable Email Scanner

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go to this link, and download the .pdf file, view it [open it ] , inside [
deep inside ] it will show a page properly configured for avg email


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