Avast! warning has no ignore for false positives

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XP Home [SP3]

Avast! v. 4.8.1296 [Home Edition]

Recently avast! antivirus has been identifying more apparently false
positives which has lead to a considerable problem. The warning dialogue
when a virus is found gives the options 'Move/Rename', 'Delete', 'Repair',
'Move to chest' and 'No action'. There is no ignore button for the situation
where the user is certain the file is not malware, the 'No action' button
does not run the application and would seem to be an ignore response but
actually is not and removes permission to run the file such that next time
it is executed there is a windows alert saying 'Windows cannot access the
specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate
permissions to access the item'. This makes the problem executable
effectively unusable - I have had two applications hashed in this way. I
imagine I could recover the programs by rebooting to safe mode and resetting
permissions and removing avast! but I would prefer a true ignore. If a false
positive hit a system critical file there could be a real problem. Closing
the warning without clicking any button has the same effect as selecting 'No
action' and the suspect file is made unusable. Is there any way to truly
ignore the warning and have the action remembered so that the file stays
functional or is this an overlooked response to false positives in avast!


Re: Avast! warning has no ignore for false positives

Copy/pasted from here:

"To let avast! ignore the file:

Click on the blue "a" ball on the bottom right.
Select Standard Shield and click Customize
Click on the "Advanced" tab
Click "Add" and type the location of your .exe file

If you believe that your game is not a virus, compress the file in a
zip folder and send it to virus@avast.com"

As a clarification, you need to type the exact location, including the
file name, otherwise it will keep popping up. It's not a very handy
way of getting around this issue, but it's better than nothing.


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