Avast vs NAV opinions needed

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I have been been with norton antivirus since about 2002. I recently
experienced a hard drive crash, bought and installed a new hard drive.
I was using NAV 2005 and reinstalled that and downloaded all the
I had 9 months left on my old NAV subscription which I needed
transfered to my new drive so I emailed Norton and they told me in
order to transfer my 9 months I needed to buy norton 2007.
I got a little annoyed as NAV 2005 was protecting me fine with the
paid updates.
So I looked at free AV software and I like what I read about avast.
What do you think?
Shall I drop NAV and save myself $20 (For NAV 2007 EOM) and give Avast
a try?
I know some of you will say "Try it and see for yourself if you like
it", I know that and will do that but would like to hear first from
experienced NAV and Avast users.

Thanks a lot


Re: Avast vs NAV opinions needed

On 27 Jan 2007 11:26:00 -0800 varois83 wrote:

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Strictly opinion...

Yes, drop NAV.  

I used NAV from 2000, still have the CD.  It worked fine for about three
months, then Live Update started giving trouble.  I eventually switched to
etrust EZ antivirus and used it for quite some time, several years.  I
discarded it because updating became unreliable and CA tech support stopped
responding to my requests for help because they couldn't solve the problem.

I have been using Avast now for about two years on two computers.  Avast has
been very satisfactory.  The updates are small, 20 to 50 kb, and frequent,
unlike NAV which usually ran to about two mb for the update.
Ernie B.

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Re: Avast vs NAV opinions needed

varois83 wrote:
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Funny you should ask. I got it with my emachine, renewed for 1 year then
switched to Avast. Good move, I now use Avira and am evaluating Comodo
backup, firewall and AV on a spare partition.
Now just today, I was working on my son's machine - a rather impressive
sony which he just purchased used. After he successfully wiped out his
system and had to send for and pay for a restoration cd from sony, we
did some work on it. On every re-boot and sometimes more often there was
a nag from Norton. I've no doubt Norton protects, they're a huge outfit
and widely used in the corporate world, but for us lesser folks who
exercise all the usual and oft repeated safe practices, something like
Avira, Avast or AVG in that order are free and do an adequate job. I've
never been infected and only once seen an alert. Comodo looks promising,
but I haven't seen any independent reports.
Dave Cohen

Re: Avast vs NAV opinions needed

I have used McAfee private, have used Fprot and CA at work. Have
friends that have used NAV (they now use avast!) and I'll recommend
avast! any day. It have saved many of my friends from web and e-mail
viruses (by blocking them and sending me an alert so I can help :-)

I'm very careful so I could do without, but it's nice to have, and it
has caught ALL viruses in all mails I have gotten - every single one
 Lars-Erik  -  http://www.osterud.name -  ICQ 7297605

Re: Avast vs NAV opinions needed

Thanks to everyone I am going to give it a try.


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