Avast Update Problems?

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This evening, my wife would get a freeze when trying to open one of her Word
documents on her Win98SE machine.  We had to power down, boot, and had the
same result a few times.  When I deleted normal.dot, the document would load,
but was very sluggish.  I noticed that the free Avast had a virus database
update dated today (9/20/05).  Disabling Avast, gave her normal performance.  
So, this seems likely caused by the Avast update of today.  Have others had a
similar problem with this update?

Tom McCune

Re: Avast Update Problems?

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You should check in the avast forums
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Re: Avast Update Problems?

maxpro4u@nomail.afraid.org says...
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I tried Avast a few months ago and ended up going with NOD32.

However, I have a vague recollection (not positive), that Avast had
an extra option that kind of double checked all Word, Excel etc.
documents, particularly their macros.  This could slow things down
and you might want to check turning that option off (if my memory
is correct that it exists), and see if it makes a difference


Re: Avast Update Problems?

Tom McCune wrote:
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Avast has been updated at least five or six times in the last day. I'm
using Win2K and can open Word documents just fine.

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Re: Avast Update Problems?

I appreciate the helpful responses.

Interestingly, this evening, all was working well as usual, perhaps related
to a new AV database from today.

Tom McCune

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