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When I first installed avast! free version it ran fine for months, now
I'm noticing it significantly slows down the system. Disabling avast!
brings the system speed back to where it was.

Both the program and definition files are updated.

Any ideas on what is causing this issue? Any recommendations for a free
scanner that will not slow down after a few months? I'm tempted to think
they have this on a timer such that after a period of time it slows
scanning to a crawl and encourage that the fix is the pay version... but
perhaps I'm just paranoid.

Re: avast! slow...

        How many Avast providers do you have currently running?  Myself, I
only use 4.

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Joe Canuck wrote:

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There must be something else wrong on your box. I've been running Avast!
for .. years .. on a W2K SP4 box with no slowdowns whatsoever.

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Re: avast! slow...

On Sat, 12 Nov 2005, Joe Canuck wrote:

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A wild guess:

How are you fixed for hard disk space?  If your hard drive is filling up,
that might be reducing the amount of swap space available for virtual
memory.  Disabling Avast may free up just enough memory that the swapping
to and from virtual memory is significantly reduced.

When my initial hard drive started getting low on free space, Windows
slowed to such a slow crawl that it took three hours to do a shutdown.

Installing another larger hard drive and reconfiguring Windows to use one
of the roomy partitions on that drive for swap space brought things back
to normal -- well, at least as normal as Windows gets.  The slowdown
occurred quite some time after that right after one of the Windows updates
and I traced that to the update changing my virtual memory settings back
to using drive C: again.

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