Avast: Not Updating?

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I tried clicking both Maintenance | Update engine and virus
definitions and  Maintenance | Update Program at least a couple
of times each, but Avast never gets as far as updating the
progress bar control.   It just sits there at "Step 1" with the
"Overall Progress" control unchanged

Last time around, we left it overnite.

It is a friend's laptop and I'm TeamViewer-ing in to check up on
it, but the first time around the laptop was hard-wired into my
home LAN - which has pretty good connection speed - so it doesn't
seem like it's their ISP or contention with TeamViewer.  

Am I the only one?
Pete Cresswell

Re: Avast: Not Updating?

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Hi Pete. This seems to happen from time to time. The best advice I can
offer you is what you no doubt already know. Try again later.

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many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and
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Re: Avast: Not Updating?


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It's okay here. When the laptop was fired-up this AM it picked up the
120315-0 update without any drama.

Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA

Re: Avast: Not Updating?

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Happened with me with SAS. It would not Update no matter how many times I tried.
Finally I realized that there was a newer version out for a while. When I
updated to
the newer version everything went back to normal. Not saying that this is your
but I gave you another option aside from Dustin. Of course you should do as
recommended and if it does not go then check your version installed against the
latest one


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