AV for Macintosh?

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What say the quorum regarding the need for an AV solution, real-time or
on-demand, for Macintosh OSX (Snow Leopard)?  Apple has such cute
code-names for their operating systems...

I miss NeXTSTEP...

I have found ClamXav and iAntiVirus which are free for home users.

All comments welcome.



Re: AV for Macintosh?

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It depends on the application. At the moment there is less need to
protect that OS since there is less malware that targets it. If the Mac
is part of a network (various OSes) it will help to protect machines on
that network if you have resident antivirus installed.

Re: AV for Macintosh?

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It really is only a matter of time.  For PC users there was a period of
transition where many believed AV was unnecessary even though viruses
already existed.  If I had a Mac I would get out in front of the problem and
install AV now.  IMHO of course, but that's what you asked for <g>.

Re: AV for Macintosh?

T.H wrote:
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Hello TH :)

I've tried both of the ones you have already found .

Norton and Kaspersky now have anti-virus programmes for a Mac. too!

I currently have ClamXav installed.

The staff at my local Apple Store are adamant that one need not be
concerned - yet! This view is supported by Gary Rosenzweig who tackles
the controversial question of whether you need to buy anti-virus
software for your Mac. There are currently no active Mac viruses and
anti-virus software could cause unexpected problems. Staying informed
and up-to-date is a better option.

Watch his video presentation, here:




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