Attn Art - re noscript for Firefox

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I just accidentally came across your noscript extension for
FF and it seems to be working very well.

It seems to be working so well, that I'm wondering whether
some of my other extensions might now be redundant.

So - if one is running noscript, what about the necessity
for running:  flashblock,  and adblock plus?

Thanks for your thoughts and for your extension.


Re: Attn Art - re noscript for Firefox

louise wrote:
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as far as i know art didn't actually make noscript, however he did make
a nice web page advocating it's use for web browsing security purposes...

as for the other extensions, flashblock may not be necessary as noscript
is supposed to be able to block flash... adblock on the other hand may
still be necessary as it can block non-active advertising which noscript
cannot (to the best of my knowledge)...

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Re: Attn Art - re noscript for Firefox

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Hi Louise. As Kurt pointed out, I'm not the author of NoScript.
I've never used or evaluated AdBlock, and I'm not in a
position to comment on its possibilities for security enhancement
as opposed to just annoyance suppression. Actually, I used
Proxomitron for many years for annoyance suppression, and
it always worked very well. Lately, I haven't bothered with
it since I've taken to using Opera as my primary browser,
and it does well enough without any additional filtering.

Anyway, it seems to me that NoScript is a worthwhile
security extension for MOZ and FF users, as I discuss in
my article.  

Re: Attn Art - re noscript for Firefox

I too love noscript but I use stumbleupon and when I get a site that
uses Windows Media Player %50 of the time it freezes and crashes.Anyone
know of a fix for this?New FF new Stumbleupon

Re: Attn Art - re noscript for Firefox

Art wrote:
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Thanks for your help.  I've been using it for a day and all
seems good.  It is a nuisance to configure for sites one
uses but on the other hand, everything seems to be loading a
little faster because of blocking and/or partial blocking.


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