Any Decent AV Software?

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Is there any decent AV software out there?

I have not found one that I like. The last thing I
want is an AV software that does not give you
control of the situation, and delets false positives
without giving you the ability to see for yourself
conveniently what files they suspect.

The ones that I've tried so far are sloppy, or don't
do a decent job of giving you a quick and convenient
path to the suspect virus.

Wayne Sallee

Re: Any Decent AV Software?

Wayne Sallee wrote:

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It would help if you were to list the ones you have already tried.
Without this detail, people will just recommend the one they use, which
could very well be the one(s) you don't like.

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Re: Any Decent AV Software?

Then maybe I should rephrase the question:

What AV software does the best job of giving the
user the ability to track down the suspected virus
and make your own controlled decisions of what to do
about it?

Wayne Sallee

Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote on 5/16/2007 9:05 AM:
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Re: Any Decent AV Software?

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Every one I've ever used has had the option of setting it to "look but not touch"

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