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Hi everybody,
my pc is an acer aspire 5920 and I have windows vista; as antivirus and
antispyware I used AVG free and in windows pack there was windows defender
Now I probably have a virus that has blocked AVG and windows defender and
any internet connection, so I can't use any on-line antivirus. There is
anything else to do instead to format system with acer procedure??
Thanks a lot.

Re: antivirus??

maria chiara wrote:
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There isn't much information to go on, I'm afraid, so I'll give you the
simplest way to repair the machine, if repair is possible.

First, make sure only one of the programs runs from startup. Do not run
both these programs at the same time.

Second, run a scan with each program on its own. That may reveal
whatever is causing the problem.

Third, ask a friend to install a few other anti-malware programs on a
flash drive (most of them will work on their own). Run these from the
flash drive - they may find something that AVG and Defender missed. Try
Spybot Search and Destroy (free); Counterspy (free evaluation copy
available); Avast (free); and others.

If none of these work, more information is needed. But my guess would be
a messed up system, for whatever reason. In that case, you will have to
use Acer's repair/restore facility. Back up your data first (burn it to
CD/DVD.) Also back up the install files (zips, etc) of all added
software. When you reinstall that software, do so one program at a time,
make sure the machine works as it should before installing the next one.

BTW, it's a good idea to have number of anti-malware programs, and to
run them about once a week. Disconnect from the 'net and exit all other
programs first, the run these programs one at a time. What one misses,
another will probably find. If this sounds a little paranoid, you're
right: I've become paranoid about data loss etc. But a little paranoia
is good for you! ;-)


wolf k.

Re: antivirus??

Some info and links.

1.  read the postings of David Lipman. He has helped me more than once.
          URL:  Generic Trojan / Adware Removal Procedures
        buddy b

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