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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to get rid
of this thing off my computer.

I'm not 100% sure how it got on my pc but I'm 99.9% certain it's my
own fault for not putting the right protectionon my machine.

At this moment I'm getting ready to boot into safemode and then I'm
going to follow some directions I've gotten from a site called though I'm concerned that this site isn't

I've running windows 7 and have got AVG installed which is all up to
date. I've got a program called Malwarebytes also installed but the
virus won't let me run either of these things. I've tried opening the
registry and it won't let me open that either. It's hijacked IE, which
I don't use but my kids do, and I'm getting porn sites randomly
opening now.

I'm happy to do what needs to be done but I'm just not sure what
exactly that is. If anyone is out there and can offer any advice I'd
be much appreciated.



Re: Antivir/ Hijacker/Virus

NiCandCo wrote:
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Try renaming mbam.exe  to something different such as   cand.exe   or   or another   .exe    or   .com  and see if it will run?
Mbam.exe is the malwarebytes program executable which can be found in the
Malwarebytes' Anti-malware folder under Program Files or similar.

Re: Antivir/ Hijacker/Virus

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Poor and essentially useless advice. Thanks for playing, now move along.

Disable System Restore. Boot into safe mode. Install Malwarebytes from a thumb
drive and scan your system. Problem solved.

Yes, it works just fine. I had to clean a person's Windows installation of that
same malware last week.

Re: Antivir/ Hijacker/Virus

Bill wrote:
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I hope you really aren't as big an arrogant A-hole as you seem.

Re: Antivir/ Hijacker/Virus

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In my experience that doesn't often work.  If the malware is excluding that
program then it's usually via some other mechanism such as file size, not the
file name.  But usually the entire EXE extension is redirected, so few things
will work anyway.  The EXE file association must usually be reset (best in
safe mode).  

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