Anti-Virus Software for Windows?

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Is there a good Anti-Virus program for Windows 7 that has actual TECH
SUPPORT if you have a problem?

I have been using Anti-Virus protection since DOS days. I have been
using my current Anti-Virus program since 2007 & have never had a
problem until now. It was good enough that I actually bought a license
instead of just using the "free" version.  

I have the Anti-Virus software configured to scan the computer daily
either at 03:00 or six minutes after I log in if the program cannot
run the scan at the scheduled time. Windows 7 automatically logs me
off after a certain time & the scheduled scan won't run unless I am
still slaving away at 03:00.

Two days ago (17Jun2014) I got a report from my Anti-Virus software
telling me there was a high severity threat on my computer.
Scheduled Scan                
Severity: High    
Scanned folders:  Scan Whole Computer            
Identified by: Anti-Rootkit        
Scanned items:    589566            
Launched by:    SYSTEM            
Name:  <unknown>
Description:  Hidden application
Status:  Infected  
(changes to "Secured/Healed" after I let the AV program fix the
Priority:        High

The Anti-Virus software told me the "infection" was secured, but
there's no further information to help me figure out what is going on.

The same message showed up again yesterday. Again I had the AV program
secure/heal the problem. I expected to be away most of the day today &
decided to do a full power off shutdown yesterday evening.  

When I got back to the computer this afternoon, there was a
definitions update and then a full scan when I powered on the computer
and logged on to Windows 7 and the same message again.  

There's not enough information in the report for me to figure out
where it's coming from & the software company has one of those
websites with "community" support. I can't find any way to contact the
software company (might be Facebook or Twitter which I do not have and
will not have.)

So I'm looking for Anti-Virus software that gives detailed information
if it detects a problem and that the company has actual contact
telephone numbers or email addresses where a human being can answer my

Re: Anti-Virus Software for Windows?

On 2014-06-19 4:56 PM, Pudentame wrote:
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First, the rootkit: there are anti-rootkit utilities out there, google  
on them install and run. NB that rootkits are devious, AFAIK, you need a  
program written for that specific rootkit to destroy it.

Second, your question: Use payware such as Vipre. I've had no problems  
with it. Kapersky, Eset and others also have good reps as anti-malware,  
but I dunno re: tech support.

OTOH, I do have additional anti-malware which I run from time to time.  
Last time I had a serious infection was on Win2000. Had spamware on the  
tablet, hadn't installed Vipre yet, silly me. Simple to get rid of.


PS: for any lexical nitpickers: I'm using "malware" to refer to anything  
you don't want on your computer.

Wolf K

Re: Anti-Virus Software for Windows?

On Thu, 19 Jun 2014 16:56:08 -0400, Pudentame

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    Download Kaspersky's rescue disk, burn it to a USB (all on a
safe computer), BOOT with it on the affected one, and scan. Either
it's a bad false-positive, or the rootkit is by-passing the AV. Can't
do that if you don't boot Windows.

    Read the docs while downloading. You won't  need tech support.
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