Anti-malware for a Mac

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I'm looking for an MBAM equivalent for a Mac - suggestions

My daughter has a Mac and it is suffering from a DNS hijacker.
 About all I can find is MacScan at /
Any good for malware removal? There is also a free prog to fix
the DNS hijacker which I'll try.


Re: Anti-malware for a Mac

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I'm not familiar with the Mac os, but I understand it is based
on bsd linux.

What are the contents of /etc/resolv.conf (if that file exists
on a mac).  On linux systems, that is the file that contains
the ip address(s) of the name servers the system uses.

I'd also check the router, to see if it's been hacked.  If the
router uses the default ip/admin password, it can be hacked to
no matter what os is used by systems using that router.

Regards, Dave Hodgins

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Re: Anti-malware for a Mac wrote:
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I suggest reposting on seattle.users.macintosh. Very little traffic on
that site, but I've noticed that questions do get answered.

Good luck
wolf k.

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