ANN: AV Defs Updater for F-PROT for DOS 2.6 Released

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The free utility AV Defs Updater for F-PROT for DOS Version 2.6 has
been released, containing the following improvements over 2.5x:

* Installation-free creation and updating of F-PROT(r) definitions
disks. After you install the product, and create a boot diskette with
it, you can write-protect it (you will be advised about that by the
program), take it to a public terminal that prohibits the installation
of programs, run UP.EXE from it, and follow the on-screen instructions
to create the definitions disks that can be used anywhere in
conjunction with the already created boot disk. Note that neither AV
Defs Updater, nor F-PROT(r) have to be installed for that to be

* Progress bars during the creation of DOS(r) bootdisk and F-PROT(r)
definitions disk set (emergency disk set creation), with the ability to
cancel the operation at any time.

* Windows(r) taskbar notification of download in progress (this will be
new to you only if you haven't used an unannounced interim version
after April, 2005).

* The program is now able to self-update (with your permission). Your
safety during the update process is ensured by our use of a company
digital signature.

* Smaller improvements such as clearer and more helpful messages during
the emergency disk set creation process; better diskette handling under
the Microsoft(r) Windows(r) 9x series; clearer information presented to
the user upon booting the DOS(r) boot disk. Regarding the boot disk,
users are advised to re-create their boot disk to get the enhancements.
(Small note: if previously you tried to invoke 0 from the boot disk
menu but did not succeed, this now works.)

Download it from its official page /

All users of the utility are currently backed by our support service.

IMPORTANT: The product contains NO spyware, viruses or adware. Just
old freeware with a good (our inhouse) installer and uninstaller that
don not mess up
your system and clean up *everything* upon uninstallation.

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